Acronym for:

E mployees
M ust
B itch
E very
D amn
D ay
E nsuring
D ischord

Conceptually it is used to describe a component that is integrated into the core unit and consumes resources and power without being as functional or efficient as dedicated components. This is commonly seen with computers that have embedded graphics which can handle the most basic of tasks, but have to outsource serious graphics processing to a discreet video card. Applies to personnel and government oversight committees as well.
Bob and I are both contractors, but I am embedded and he isn't so he shouldn't have the same size TV as me.
by TheRealBoudreaux April 17, 2016
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A ridiculous term created by weather people that has something to do with a tornado. Even though we don't know what the hell that means now, it will soon be common knowledge through overuse. (see more accurate definitions below) It has nothing to do with embedded reporters, or terrorists, or the war in Iraq.
weatherologist bullshit: Microbursts from embedded supercells can cause damaging severe wind gusts anywhere along the line they may form. Embedded supercell mesovortices can also cause damaging winds and even tornadoes.
by ChuckChaser69 April 4, 2008
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A clause which has been embedded into a sentence
Tom used an embedded clause in his sentence, which was shit, and cried himself to sleep
by Xavvvvvvvvvy squadddd November 12, 2020
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The unjustified attack on Iraq in 2003 gave us the coined phrase 'embedded' as in 'an embedded journalist'.

To be an embedded journalist meant to stay and travel with the military under their protection, whereas unilateral journalists
reported from conflict zones without military association.

We saw it again at the FTAA protests in Miami in 2003.

The term embedding is a clever public relations tool which attempts to disguise censorship & propaganda.

On this day, while we support thousands of people protesting the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America in Montebello Quebec, Canada, ...

I think coining the term "embedded CEO' is most appropriate.

hey man - he's an embedded CEO -

A CEO embedded with the gocvernment for means of corruption or secrecy to promote one's own agenda.
by Cory Morningstar August 20, 2007
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A clause which has been embedded into a sentence. Is a 5 star rated sentence technique and highly recommended by all nerds. Whilst hard to master the art, an embedded clause offers great potential and success for those who use it.
Tom decided to include an embedded clause in his english exam, which failed miserably, and he continued to cry in his sleep
by Xavvvvvvvvvy squadddd November 12, 2020
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