A nondeterministic markup language suspected to be Turing complete. Its users are often mistakenly called developers.
On the seventh day God took a shit and javascript was born.
by EducatedGuess March 4, 2018
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The ultimate bloat machine, f**ck javascript all my homies use holy C
by September 15, 2020
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A powerful, object-based, interpreted scripting language, created by Brendan Eich, most commonly embedded directly into HTML web pages to manage client-side interaction.
JavaScript is so beautiful and elegant it brings tears to my eyes. I love using it. It completes me as a person.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
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Only useful for hiding stuff. That's pretty much it.
Javascript is like a bad version of white-out
by Rie November 11, 2003
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The woke language, wokeScript, used by developers and "engineers" who often have purple/pink/green hair, pronouns in their cringe twitter, and talk about the lack of representation and diversity within the Python community. Heck, the military and the plumbers might need your care for representation.

Some proof that is a shitty language/ecosystem:
- A lot of js tools had blm cry me a river banners in the fad of the 2020. Remind me of the loser german soccer team that went woke and lost shamefully to the world by mixing(forcing) politics.
- People who did humanistics/arts/oceanography degrees then took a 6month ass bootcamp will unavoidable study js and now be the new era of highly qualified "engineers"
1. they: I'm an engineer and JavaScript is my favorite language.

person: you mean wokeScript? that is lame

they: yeah, ...you're right, I just took a #wokecamp in my defence all languages have javascripted by now,

person: you're right, last time I check the inclusive pyladies policy saying " (to men:) that you are not heard more or taking more space than others in discussions and question sections" sound about fair, ever hear of "men" conferences being only for men? of course, me neither, suck it up freeloaders
2. I'm a full stack developer, using wokeScript as my main t💩ol
3. Hey, check my woke portfolio at trinary.woke
by diversityInYourAss January 16, 2023
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A computer programming language, provides a source of endless suffering for many poor middle-schoolers throughout the world (including myself).
"You have an assignment on javascript for summer break"
by stanley yelnats :') April 5, 2019
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Programming Language, written to sit on a web server but be run on an unknown web *client*. Hence it often doesn't.

If people start writing it to meet w3c standards, and browsers contimue to try to implement w3c standards, there may be some hope for it in the distant future.
JavaScript error #2345432, Object expected. Do you wish to debug?
by nit-pick February 9, 2004
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