to crash forward and hard waterski jumping.
he went out the front bad today!
by tex December 18, 2003
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type of knife where a sliding of a switch causes a blade to come out of the front of the knife handle, not the side.
I stabbed the thief with my otf knife
by jack December 6, 2003
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1- to call a person out and tell the truth.
2- to come clean/spill the beans.
i'm calling that bitch "out on front st." when i see her. and she better tell me the truth or i will beat her down.
by AbaFlava March 16, 2013
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1. That your look is hot.
2. That you look pimp.
3. That you should show off your look that evening.
Damn girl, you are out front.

Boy, let's go hang outside of the club. We are out front.

Look at that honey over there...she is out front.
by realily April 30, 2009
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