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H-Town is when there is three people having sex simotaneously. One guy will be getting a girl/guy from behind and the girl/guy will be giving a third person head which in the end creates an H.
Matthew Jones was having sex, doggie style, with Mandi Gentzel while she gave Jarod Thomas head.
by DJ March 24, 2005
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Janky is a very common club word used to describe someone who is high on crystal meth (Tina). Also know as "tweakin'." It is usually used to describe a shady user, or dealer.
"Carl is so janky. He once spent 3 hours cleaning his bath tub."
by DJ July 04, 2004
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what up and coming graphic designers aspire to - but which the Industry thinks it knows better. Hence, the degree of difficulty and countless CDs of folio examples sent by new graduates to unispired and uninspiring studios who care about material wealth and not the material.
myself and countless other graduates Australia-wide.
by DJ December 07, 2003
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1) a phrase used at the end of a sentence for no apparent reason other than to display boredom, use emphasis on a point or to annoy someone.

2) it can also be used as an 'in' joke to re-itterate that you, yourself are in on the joke.
eg.1)That trollop has bingo wings la la la

eg.2)Tim C is a rock spider la la la
by DJ May 24, 2005
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every attractive female

that girl who just flirted with you for half an hour and scabbed three ciggarettes before getting a phone call from her 'boyfriend'...
lad1: oi did you tap that hottie?
lad2:nah man she was a manipulative bitch.
by DJ January 03, 2005
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the white part on white wall tires. and mustard is the yellow stripe on vogue tires
man he got dat mayonaise on da lac
by DJ June 27, 2005
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