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man these
mayonese alota people here
by DJ January 21, 2004
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MC Frontalot, the BEST rapper in the world!

Download some of his songs at: www.frontalot.com
DUDE! I WAS IN SAN FRAN. AND SAW MC Frontalot!!!! He was so cool!
by DJ April 18, 2005
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I went to the nursing home the other day only to find one of the residents giving another a TR Evans.
by DJ February 24, 2005
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noun: a vagina that happens to inhabit itself between the legs of a jewish female.
Whoa, that girl had a smelly vajewna!

That kid is such a vajewna!
by DJ December 23, 2003
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A country assfucked by the United States of America who recently failed in getting rid of the current Venezuelan leader by supporting a massive military coup. Chavez is back in power, and by no means Gandhi himself (a Fidel Castro more likely), he was elected by the people, and the people should make him go, not the USA who only wanna exile him so the next fucker can sell them oil. Chavez has boycotted giving oil to the US, and readily supplies it to Mr. Castro, and makes trips to Cuba so him and Castro can have hot oily sex on the golf-courses, while 80% of his people back home die of poverty.

It is a beautiful country, and the 4th largest oil producing country in the world. Part of OPEC, but has stopped exporting oil of late due to stupidity of President. Which is why the US want him gone.

Maybe one day Venezuela shall rise to its true potential and feed all its hungry children, but until then, the best it has is a regular spot in Miss Universe.
Watch "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" (www.chavezthefilm.com) - probably one of the best things ever put on television. But be objective, Chavez is not an angel himself. The country needs an angel.
by DJ May 22, 2004
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An expression of joy and excitement. See w00t for further clarification.
<tickettack>I just picked up SOCOM II!
by DJ July 19, 2004
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Logic. A form of deductive reasoning consisting of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion; for example, All humans are mortal, the major premise, I am a human, the minor premise, therefore, I am mortal, the conclusion.
Reasoning from the general to the specific; deduction.
A subtle or specious piece of reasoning.

Every virtue is laudable; Kindness is a virtue; Therefore kindness is laudable. These propositions are denominated respectively the major premise, the minor premise, and the conclusion.

by DJ October 01, 2003
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