37 definition by D0c

A retirement or social security check.
Waiting on the mail box check.
by D0c March 09, 2006

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A dried out, purple pussy usually on an old broad who has not had sex in years. It looks like a vintage catchers mitt from the 1930's.
Beth has a catchers mitt for a snatch....
by d0c March 17, 2008

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Another name for Chapstick or other lip stuff to put on your beak....
Hey, my lips are dry, throw me some lip lard.
by D0c May 21, 2008

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A brown asshole or poop shoot.
My old lady has a clean rusty sheriff star for a culo.
by d0c March 17, 2008

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The same as chapstick or any lube for your beak.
My lips are chapped, through me some lip lard.
by D0c May 20, 2008

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Much like Underboob...

Bottom tit cleavage... (.)(.)

Also... under tatas... and the thousands of others....
Look at that hottie showing her undertits...
by D0c October 17, 2009

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A rank in a police, sheriff or fire department, usually the commander of a team or group of officers.

A male captain will sometimes offer to any female.... Want a little Captain in ya?!
Captain, my captain.... Yes please put a little captain in me!
by D0c February 22, 2006

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