37 definition by D0c

The layer of fat or roll under the female belly button just above the good stuff.
Look at the piss sack on her?
by D0c February 21, 2006

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A girl who is not your girlfriend but offers the same benefits. Much like 7Up, you like it... it likes you! A title for those guys who are afraid of commitment. A little like a fuck buddy, but one step up, maybe a bit of like/love. Did I say love?
Me and my un girlfriend are into non committal sexual realtionship, then we usually eat.
by d0c July 23, 2006

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To break up with, divorce, get out of a relationship.
My girl fired me after she caught me with her sister!
I had to fire my girl when I found out she was a man.
by D0c March 12, 2006

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Another name for the sport of basketball.
You Peckerwoods wanna play a little African Keep Away?
by d0c July 14, 2006

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A list of women a man has bedded and also a list he wants to screw. Much like a bucket list.
Pam Anderson is on my Fuck It List, I wished on the done side!
by D0c January 10, 2009

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When you fuck someone in the ass and get a plug of shit in your piss hole. Related to a poop noodle...
I pissed out a mud plug.
by d0c March 14, 2008

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NASCAR or any other racing event where there are thousands of white folks.
hillbilly round and round, more fun than kissing your sister....NOT!
by D0c July 14, 2006

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