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Go crazy, have fun, enjoy oneself immensely, etc
When I tell my girlfriend that I'm into BDSM she's going to have a field day.
by D. Y. Vetz October 09, 2020

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The situation has gotten out of control, things have gone haywire, shit has hit the fan, etc
The wheels have come off!
by D. Y. Vetz September 04, 2020

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To barely detail the topic being discussed.
The Gospels are a good introduction to Jesus and his relationship with Yahweh, but they only scratch the surface when it comes to talking about Abrahamic religions.
by D. Y. Vetz September 02, 2020

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A strange birdman you can find in desert ghost towns at night. Mentioned in the Dr. Seuss book "Oh The Things You Can Think!"
And what would you do of you met a Jibboo?
by D. Y. Vetz November 13, 2019

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To speak to someone or about something in a condescending manner or tone.
Uncle Shane, why do you talk down about gay people all the time?
by D. Y. Vetz October 04, 2019

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A "medical condition" caused when a male grips his dick too tightly while masturbating, causing to him not enjoy sex with women (or men) as much because he's so used to the iron grip of his hand.
I've been jerking off for years -- and as a result, I have gripdick.
by D. Y. Vetz December 14, 2020

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When you've put in the time and effort in the past, so that you don't have to work as hard in the present or future.
When the restaurant's most experienced waiter was asked if she wanted to work during Christmas day, she declined, saying "I've paid my dues."
by D. Y. Vetz December 07, 2020

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