31 definitions by D. Y. Vetz

Whenever there is a event happening in a public space, be it a concert, a lecture, a hockey game or a political function, there is a 100% chance that there will be at least one guy disturbing that event by being a drunken idiot.
There's always a loogan.
by D. Y. Vetz March 11, 2021
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The situation has gotten out of control, things have gone haywire, shit has hit the fan, etc
The wheels have come off!
by D. Y. Vetz September 5, 2020
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To barely detail the topic being discussed.
The Gospels are a good introduction to Jesus and his relationship with Yahweh, but they only scratch the surface when it comes to talking about Abrahamic religions.
by D. Y. Vetz September 2, 2020
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When you drink pop and a sensation that feels like electricity shoots up your nose.
I shouldn't have downed that entire can of coke so fast -- now I got soda shock!
by D. Y. Vetz June 6, 2019
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To speak to someone or about something in a condescending manner or tone.
Uncle Shane, why do you talk down about gay people all the time?
by D. Y. Vetz October 4, 2019
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To quickly go through a medium in an cursory manner without really experiencing it whether it be a book, a song, or a webpage.
When Mr. Jones assigned Animal Farm last week, instead of actually reading it I decided to skim through it during lunch before the test.
by D. Y. Vetz September 28, 2020
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Discrimination based on competency, or lackthereof.
When the advertising company didn't hire Hector because his only work experience was flipping burgers and pumping gas, Hector complained to the Human Rights Commission of competencism.
by D. Y. Vetz January 25, 2021
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