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when a guy f**ks a girl in her mouth
She LOVES to have her "Tonsils Touched".
by D August 08, 2004
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Fudder mucker, an amusing change to mother fukker , used in contexts when its socially unacceptable to call a fellow dude a mother fucker.
in the presence of a little sister T steals Dans joint
Dan Say, Wait your turn fudder mucker
Little girl You said mother fukker im telling
Dan:No i didnt , i Said fudder mukker , however you swore and now im telling on you.
at this point the littlee sister should cryu . Highly amusing
by D July 24, 2004
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1- oh yes, big papa that's the spot
2- instant waterfall
3- Gian
you know that's the spot- so put me in any position, pull my hair and hit it hard!
by D March 19, 2003
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A word or phrase exemplifying triumph or excitement.
I won the game, engaah!!!!
Look mom, no cavities engaah!
by D December 25, 2003
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A cutie teaching middle school in Japan
Doesn't that Coey have to get her picture taken on Monday?
by D October 15, 2004
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The state of Most Chilling and Relaxing, usually while drinking socially with friends. Often used while intoxicated.
--We're just mochillaxen at Shanna's house--
by D November 15, 2003
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a pretend bimbo; someone who likes to act like an airhead because she thinks it's cool
Amber is such a pimbo..she think I like her but she aint nuthin but a white gurl
by D October 19, 2004
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