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A condition that usually takes place the first couple of weeks into the new year, in which a person keeps writing in the last/previous year in place of the new one.
-doggonit! this is my third check today I write in the "old" year! -I know, you're not alone! I guess I got new year's block too, sorry to say.
by Cybercass December 29, 2009
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Any one of us so-called "editors" at Urban Dictionary who thinks that every submitted word should be published, or that just any word deserves to be the "Word Of The Day". An absolute moron at editing; especially one who uses no real criteria when publishing.
-Whoever let this one thru is a true idiotor! It really isn't that hard people, let's make it better!
by Cybercass January 13, 2010
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Acronym for "Pain In The Ass Syndrome".
-Hey Kelly! could you tell your brother to quit it, he's being such an A-hole! -Sorry, Steph! but I hate to tell you he's got PITAS! The jerk can't really help it!
by Cybercass November 10, 2009
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Anyone who walks while talking on a cell phone.
I think every walky-talky in the store bumped right into me today , it was so annoying, they were in my way the whole time I was in there and they didn't even notice or care, totally rude!
by cybercass April 22, 2009
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A condition that occurs in people who have been partying heavily for a continuous period of time and come to a sudden cease of this activity. Often accompanied by symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, crying episodes, irritability and a general sense of hopelessness, due to psychological adjustments to regular everyday life.
- Why are you so mopy today? - why, I miss partying man! I think I got postpartying depression! Everything's back to "normal" now; shit, I hate it! I ain't ready dude! and my next party's till I don't know when. I don't know what I'm gonna do ...
by Cybercass December 26, 2009
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A sexual play on the word "Bonus". To get an extra delicious fuck! after you've had regular sex.
"I guess I must've done something right, I got a "bone-ass" last night, so I'm feeling pretty good today!
by cybercass March 14, 2009
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A dog or dogs having or showing a composed or serious manner worthy of respect! especially one standing/sitting/lying only a few feet from the dinner table that's too proud to beg, thus being "Dognified"!
- You must be so proud of you dog, she hasn't been begging at the table ones, with all this food and all these people, what happened? - I know, Lola's such a dognified little pup!
by Cybercass December 17, 2009
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