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This term can be used in two ways. It can be either used to describe fat ass lips, such as Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie. It can either be used for its literal meaning, the vagina’s flaps. These flaps move in all directions when the pussy is being DEVOURED by a hot guy’s THROBBING COCK.
Example 1;

Cupcakke: “Kylie Jenner lip kit on my pussy lips”

Example 2;

Kendall: “Why do your lips look so big??”
Kylie: “Ive got PUSSY LIPS!”
Kendall: “WHY?!”
Kylie: “Is that a chicken??”
Kendall: *looks around*
Kylie: *runs the fuck out*
by Cupcakke'sPubicHair November 10, 2022
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Kim Kardashian is a serious illness discovered in Calabasas when Kris Jenner gave birth to this disease in 1850. This disease includes having a shopping kink and getting married 5 times in 1 year and divorcing after 72 days.
Jenny: “Stacy is acting autistic”
Amber: “She’s got the Kim Kardashian!”
Jenny: “Ouch that’s worse than cancer”
by Cupcakke'sPubicHair November 10, 2022
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Horny is when you get the urge to have sex. People can get horny either randomly or when they think of anything related to sex such as cum, porn, queef, cupcakke or even Fortnite.
Fiona: “MUM IM SO HORNY!! “
Mum: “Go to your room and play Fortnite”
by Cupcakke'sPubicHair November 10, 2022
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Horny is a type of disease which occurs when you watch porn or think of Fortnite. You can check if you’re horny by looking at your pants. If you see a cum stain or a huge ass bulge, that means you’re horny. If you’re a girl you can see if you’re horny if you notice your vagina dripping. This disease is inevitable. You’ll catch this disease often, the more you catch it, the nastier slut you are.
Aaron: “Mum, There’s a cum stain on my pants!”
Mum: “Were you playing Fortnite?”
Aaron: “Yes.”
Mum: “You gay horny bitch!”
by Cupcakke'sPubicHair November 10, 2022
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Adjective: Used to offend people

Verb: To cleanse your asshole In preparation for an anal party
Catherine: “I can’t believe Marquita told my mother that I accidentally queefed on her bed!!”
Elizabeth: “I can’t believe it either! She’s such a douche”

Mark: “Are you ready for tonight’s anal fest??”
Bruce Jenner: “Soon! I’m about about to douche my asshole so no shit goes on any dick after being shoved HARD in my tight ass!”
by Cupcakke'sPubicHair November 8, 2022
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Peppa Pig, also knows as breakfast, is a British slut who lives with a family of pigs. She has a midget brother, a fat ass disabled father and a whorebag of a mum. Throughout their reality show, you can clearly see how much of a dumbass the whole family is
Daughter: “Mum can I watch Peppa Pig?”
Mum: “Is it too late to abort?!”
by Cupcakke'sPubicHair November 10, 2022
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The bitch whose dog stepped on a bee!

Amber Heard is an actress who rose to fame in April 2022 when Johnny Depp sued her ass for publishing an article of about him which involved Johnny abusing the bitch. This was obviously not true and therefore Amber lost the case because she’s a lying whore! She’s now a broke cunt who works at retail.
Ryan: “Who are you jerking off to?”
ToothFairy: “Amber Heard.”
Ryan: “Die!”
by Cupcakke'sPubicHair November 10, 2022
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