a species of Kardashians/Jenner's that took so much lip injections it became a pufferfish with an allergic reaction. It also turned into a piece of plastic before the age of 13.
Regina: i want to turn into a kylie jenner
Sarah: might as well turn into a grocery bag
by 🍒your local idiot 🍒 March 26, 2023
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Previously daughter of Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) and little white child of Kardashian family. Keen to follow in her sister Kim Kardashian's shoes, has bought herself a new body (ass and tits before finishing puberty) and of course plumped her thin lines and fake tanned her white freckle skin into a Latina looking Mrs Potato head. Her aim is to look like a hot half black chic when she really is just as white wonder bread. Catch her taking numerous selfies pouting and raising an eye brow or with older black men who just use her to become the next Kanye west. Also note: she is hotter on Instagram than in real life
"She's got that Kylie Jenner look?"
"What you mean?"
"She a hoe"
by xoxo gossip grl July 20, 2015
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Somebody who gets lip injections and looks like a blowup fish.
Look at that Kylie Jenner.
by Atlanta1995 February 28, 2016
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Kylie Jenner is a Kardashian/Jenner sister who makes her life seem perfect with her "perfect" daughter named Stormi, huge ass mansion, two TV shows, a half a billion dollar makeup line, and an "amazing" boyfriend (as of April 2018), Travis Scott. She completely redid her whole body because she got plastic surgery like everywhere, just like Kim Kardashian. That is why she has big lips, tits, and ass. She always takes selfies and puts them all over social media. A picture of Kylie and Stormi holds the record of the most likes on Instagram. Kylie's mom is Kris Jenner and Kylie's dad/mom is Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner. She wears an excessive amount of makeup and makes herself look half black.
Person 1- Wow, did you get more plastic surgery?
Person 2- Yeah. I did.
P1- And you bought a mansion?
P2- Yup.

P1- And your dad is trans?
P2- Yes, she is.

P1- You are turning into Kylie Jenner.
by chickslickdicks April 16, 2018
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1. A living piece of plastic
2. Shit
*Dog poops*
Greg: Ah! It's the third time my dog Kylie Jennered
by Elderly Bitch October 19, 2018
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Fake ass bitch...known for having no talent and not admitting to her fake ass body.
Sarah: I cant believe Lily went ahead and told Caroline about my period
Chloe: Yeah, Lily is such a Kylie Jenner...She is so fake.
by ydhelldouwant2nomyname February 26, 2017
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A teenage bitch with lots of money, no talent whatsoever, and huge lips that we all know are the result of lip injections, but she does not admit it.
Stephanie: That bitch's lips are definitely fake.
Isabella: *nods in agreement* She's such a Kylie Jenner.
by theweirdogirlwithaspergers August 22, 2016
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