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Being efficient with both hands at stroking.
Like Ambidextrous
Guy 1: So are you a righty or a lefty?
Guy 2: Well technically I'm a righty, but when it comes to taking care of myself, I'm ambistrokestrous.
Guy 1: Nice, that way your muscles stay balanced
by Crunchyness November 15, 2007
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Being able to comfortably wipe one's booty with both hands.
After breaking my right hand, which I normally wipe with, I had to become ambiwipestrous in order to comfortably cleanse my booty particles.
by Crunchyness November 2, 2009
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Another Man's Fecal Matter

Like when someone uses a pulic bathroom and there are poop streaks and they are afraid of getting blamed for A.M.F.M.
I went in to the office bathroom and the guy before had left duty-streaks in the bowl. All I did was urinate, but as I left a cutie was heading to use the restroom and I knew she was going to blame me for A.M.F.M.
by Crunchyness May 12, 2007
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Another Man's Penile Matter

You know something you might find in the park or at a strip club.
So this girl came up to me at the club last night, and I don't think she noticed, but under the black light, you could totally see A.M.P.M. on her shirt.
by Crunchyness May 31, 2007
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When a girl is naked and asleep under the covers and you get a flashlight (or a cell phone will do) and check out the goods. Usually done when you first sleep with someone, but can be done with girlfriends, friends, whatever.
A girl can perform this on a sleeping dude as well.
Laying there next to his hot one night stand, the perv grabs his cell phone and goes spelunking to get a closer look at her love clam.
by Crunchyness June 1, 2009
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a fortune cookie that doesn't actually have a fortune in it, instead they package it with a lame statement like; Versatility is one of your greatest features.
Guy 1: Heh, what does you fortune cookie say?
Guy 2: Its not a fortune cookie its a goddamn statement cookie, it reads, " To understand a man, you must listen to his words."
Guy 1: Duh that's not only a statement, but its fucking obvious, more like a douche cookie.
by Crunchyness September 19, 2007
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1. A combination of having milk and guns in one's possesion. Usualy in one's trunk.

2. Breasts, ass, and vagina.

3. Something that is good.
Example 1
Guy 1 "Hey what do you have in here."
Guy 2 "Milk"
Guy 1 " Guns?"
Guy 2 "Milk and Guns, gotta stay calcium"

Example 2
Whoa, check out the all the milk and guns!

Example 3
That movie was like milk and guns.
by Crunchyness April 15, 2007
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