19 definitions by Creed Cur

Oral sex duties performed to keep a partner happy.
Sorry I was late for work this morning, I got involved in some blow maintenance with Jimmy.

Chris has a very high minimum daily requirement of blow maintenance.
by Creed Cur February 03, 2012
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A phrase employed to point out the extremely obvious, off a memorable, widely shared Twitter exchange about Jesus writing the Bible. The misspelling of "sweetie" as "sweaty" lends it a perfect killer twist. A more ironic, in-the-know version of "duh," usually pronounced with dripping sarcasm.
World War Two was fought in Antarctica?
It's called history, sweaty, look it up.

Johnny is crushing on Perkins? I don't believe it!
It's called history, sweaty!
by Creed Cur June 07, 2021
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The principle of making sure to rectify your own self and your own personal environment before you seek to set others right. Refers to the effort and determination it takes to acknowledge leftover attitudes and bullshit opinions that are better off discarded. Individual responsibility means bringing the lessons home. The old Zen koan: "Master, master, what is the meaning of the universe?" Master: "Clean your rice bowl."
Jilly is just 15, but she’s assigning her parents homewoke instead of the other way around.

He’s so busy correcting everybody else that he forgets he needs to do a little homewoke on himself.
by Creed Cur May 24, 2021
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When you search your memory but no how hard you try simply cannot remember what TV you watched the night before. Often a feature of pandemic mind, leaving sufferers with a sick feeling that their lives are wasting away in an endless succession of Netflix/Prime/Hulu/HBO Max binges.
I know I was up late cranking on some series last night, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.
Bruh you got a bad case of deja nu?

What'd we watch last night, bae?
Deja nu much?
by Creed Cur April 21, 2021
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The terrible feeling you get when you're half-way through a movie or a program and suddenly remember you've watched it before, and thus realize that your evening is shot, your memory is a sieve, and your whole existence is a waste. A byproduct of too much streaming in too concentrated period of time.
Oh, dude, I was killing it with Steve McQueen and Bullitt and then it hit me I was deja viewing and had just seen it like, a month ago.
My sister is locked in a loop where she keeps deja viewing stuff and then gets all disgusted with how bleak her life is.
I've seen Pulp Fiction about a dozen times on purpose, but unintentionally deja viewing The Great Train Robbery just once left me totally bummed.
by Creed Cur August 05, 2020
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The act of leaving while a party is still raging. The prime example of departying is heading off to work (or to get a little sleep before work) while your friends remain in the grips of full party mania -- especially if the party is going down at your own house.
Sorry to be departying from you all, but my boss gets in at 8 am sharp, and he keeps track if I'm on the job by then.

Dude, are you really departying right now? That chica is all hot for you!

Hey, I got to departy -- but Ill be back in eight, so keep it going and don't shave my dog, put my cat in the freezer or none of that while I'm gone, okay?

Departying is such sour sorrow
by Creed Cur June 18, 2013
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A person on the keto diet, especially someone who proselytizes for it
Chris lost thirty pounds since becoming a card-carrying ketomite.
I just saw Angie and she's turned into such a ketomite that she can't shut up about it.
I was going to try the keto diet but the constant preaching of the ketomites turned me off.
Jimmy is so deep into his ketomite trip that he should change his name to Keto O'Rourke.
by Creed Cur March 26, 2019
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