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A conservative, middle-aged, white male bully, bloated with self-importance, who feels free to spew hateful opinions publicly, cursing out all those who disagree, especially progressive women of color. After Florida congressman Ted Yoho, notorious for his vile confrontation of AOC on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.
I'm so depressed—my sweetie's uncle is such a Yoho and we have to go to his place for dinner!
Congress, corporate board rooms, they seem packed full of Yohos who think they own the world.
Dude, don't be such a Yoho—open up your mind!
by Creed Cur July 22, 2020

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A self-created sex video that you hope will go viral; used with satiric reference to the "My Little Pony" Hasbro toy franchise
"Chris and me shot a My Little Porny last night that was off-the-hook sick."

"We're getting some mad props for the My Little Porny I posted."

"Hey, girl, you all should watch My Little Porny - it shows what I can do."
by Creed Cur June 01, 2014

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The practice of pointing the wrong remote control at an electronic device and expecting it to work; also the feeling shame, idiocy and frustration realizing you have done so
Brutus is using the TV remote to try to operate the DVR! It's clear a case of remotus operandi!
I spent five minutes with remotus operandi trying to turn down the volume on the stereo!
by Creed Cur December 22, 2017

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A person on the keto diet, especially someone who proselytizes for it
Chris lost thirty pounds since becoming a card-carrying ketomite.
I just saw Angie and she's turned into such a ketomite that she can't shut up about it.
I was going to try the keto diet but the constant preaching of the ketomites turned me off.
Jimmy is so deep into his ketomite trip that he should change his name to Keto O'Rourke.
by Creed Cur March 26, 2019

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Oral sex duties performed to keep a partner happy.
Sorry I was late for work this morning, I got involved in some blow maintenance with Jimmy.

Chris has a very high minimum daily requirement of blow maintenance.
by Creed Cur February 03, 2012

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The terrible feeling you get when you're half-way through a movie or a program and suddenly remember you've watched it before, and thus realize that your evening is shot, your memory is a sieve, and your whole existence is a waste. A byproduct of too much streaming in too concentrated period of time.
Oh, dude, I was killing it with Steve McQueen and Bullitt and then it hit me I was deja viewing and had just seen it like, a month ago.
My sister is locked in a loop where she keeps deja viewing stuff and then gets all disgusted with how bleak her life is.
I've seen Pulp Fiction about a dozen times on purpose, but unintentionally deja viewing The Great Train Robbery just once left me totally bummed.
by Creed Cur August 05, 2020

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Being energized over your TV choices in the near future. The state of satisfaction that comes from knowing you don't have to channel surf to find something to watch.
"Man, Game of Thrones is on tonight, and I'm totally telegerized!"
"Debbie and Dawn got telergized binge-watching Breaking Bad."
by Creed Cur August 18, 2014

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