Pectoral muscles. Often look like man boobs made, but made of muscle instead of fat.
Person A: Look at those guys man boobs.
Person B: Those are pecs you moron.
by nilethe146 May 7, 2016
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The shortened form of the word pectoralis major. Guys who take good care of there body and keep a physically active life style tend to get these. They are located in the area where women have there tits. Namely the chest. Girls like a good looking guy with nice pecs. They are usaually very muscular. They look nice too. Wish i had nice pecs.
My best friend Nick, took off his shirt and showed off his pecs. The girls love him.
by Kailua boy February 1, 2004
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Dudes who work out,eat healthy foods and take care of themselves get these. They are in the same spot as boobs are on women, but are big and firm. They bounce sometimes if they have a lot of fat in them and they sag just like boobs when the dude gets old or out of shape.
Shawn B. and I like to look at pecs when we go to the beach. Lately though, all we see is pasty white flab and moobs. What happened to our dreams of sexy tanned dudes with an I.Q. over 100?
by RatchetBoo April 25, 2003
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Word muscular men use to refer to their massive man boobies.
Porch: Dude you have big pecs. They're like, square watermelons.
Alphonse:Yeah and you have moobs the size of apples you fat bastard. Lol.-kicks Porch's ass.-
by Xarionis February 26, 2005
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Both parts of the male chest. Boys develop pecs during puberty.

Synonyms: Moobs, boobs
Cartoon characters don't have pecs.

Men in suits don't have pecs, at least not visible ones.
by frabrizio September 5, 2016
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pecs- Picture Exchange Cards
Picture exchange cards are used to
teach communication skills
Mothers of autistic children use Picture Exchange Cards to teach their children to communicate
by bobby dias August 1, 2004
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Dannng he got nice pecs!!
Check out them pecs on that guy!
by §usane March 3, 2004
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