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Someone who has no backbone or gonads, totally unable to think for himself and therefore takes direction from someone else. Thus, he is a pillow and bares the imprint of the last ass that sat on him..
My ex-best friend is a pillow. His new girlfriend doesn't like me, so he threw away our friendship because she told him to do it.
by CrazyManNo9B August 30, 2010
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An excellent manager that understands the power associated with well-executed delegation. She understands that the power of the team comes from the strength of all individuals involved working together. She is the leading member of a team that produces consistent results because she knows how to encourage and support her team members.
Chiara is a wonderful Office Quarterback that knows the power of her team and leverages all her resources to achieve the needed results. The benefit to all the team members comes through recognition of a job-well-done and the rewards associated with it.
by CrazyManNo9B April 5, 2011
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A legal tax dodge also called the Double Irish. Profits are sent to Ireland which has a high tax rate. But, Ireland doesn't tax some payments made to other EU states, so the money is sent to a shell in the Netherlands. The Dutch have very low tax laws, so it is home free. The money is then routed to an Irish-owned subsidieary in Bermuda which is why it is called Double Irish. The corporation has only paid 0.2% of taxes in this process. What a deal!
Google made billions of dollars on it's overseas investments but used the Dutch Sandwich to pay a total of 2.5% in taxes on the profits!
by CrazyManNo9B December 28, 2011
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The open mouth of a loudly snoring sleeper!

Credit Frog Applause.
Man, I couldn't sleep at all last night! My roomate was all into his Snorifice.
by CrazyManNo9B October 5, 2011
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In the film industry on low budget films, Monkey Points means that the talent (the actor, ...) receives a percentage of net profits instead of gross profits. Eddie Murphy coined the derogatory term because film industry accounting never shows a net profit and talent should always insist on points on gross profit, not net profit.
Eddie Murphy turned down the part saying he'd never be fool enough to take Monkey Points!
by CrazyManNo9B December 8, 2010
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A method of cooking a steak that is indigenous to the Pittsburgh area. The steak is salted appropriately and then broiled at an extremely high temperature (500F+ but 1000+F is best) such that it is nearly charred on the outside and very rare in the center. Seasoning can added such as Worcestershire or other sauces. The steak is often served on a heated cast iron plate on a wood platter. It's best to warn the person being served to defend themselves by holding up their napkins up as the plate is delivered due to the high risk of hot splatters. Nom! Nom! Nom!
Mio Dio, I have to go to that new restaurant that serves Pittsburgh rare bone-in sirloins!
by CrazyManNo9B February 5, 2011
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Equivalent to lame. Often used in referring to gingers, parents, nerds or other members of the weaker population.
That zoppo ginger just asked me what a ginger is!
by CrazyManNo9B May 13, 2010
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