An ex-best friend is someone who you used to talk to about anything and everything . she or he would always make you smile. you would laugh together, dance together, maybe even cry together. but one day either you or your best friend made a mistake that hurt each other. now your best friend isn't your best friend anymore. An ex-best friend will probably stop talking to you, even though both of you want to heal your relationship. you will look at old photos of good times and that will make you smile but then sadness washes over you because you lost them. if you have an ex-best friend, you should talk to them and maybe you will become friends again. true friends are rare, don't cry over the loss until you have tried your hardest to fix your relationship.
i really want my ex-best friend to become my best friend again
by smileysadju March 19, 2017
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it’s one of the saddest things.. when two people really get to know each other; their secrets, their fears, their favorite things, what they love, what they hate, literally everything, and then they go back to being strangers. it’s like you have to walk past them and pretend like you never knew them, never even talked to them before, when really, you know everything about them.
someone- don’t you miss ____
you- ew no... she’s my #ex-best friend
but deep down you did. you just can’t say it bc it hurts so much.
by snakegirl150 September 28, 2020
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Ex-best friends are worse than enemies. At least your enemy cares enough to hate you.
by DarkNeko August 3, 2011
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what you call someone when they have majorly fucked up.
your best friend: well your not invited to my party anymore!
*she takes you off her top completely!*
You: yeah? well screw you EX-BEST FRIEND!
by RaveyBaby May 31, 2008
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what you say to someone when you just get in a fight with them and you try to make it up so u say this
Hey ex-best friend lori
by lola April 14, 2005
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anex best friend is someone that used to your best friend. and that person used to be your ride or die, a person to talk to.

then they did something to hurt you, and that's how they became an ex best friend.

you wish you still had them through your hard time like they had you through there hard times
person 1 :what happen?
me: they hurt me

person 2: im sorry

me: its fine shes just an ex best friend
by omgzogocv99 August 3, 2020
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Somebody who deep down you will always care about. You may not be close anymore, but you will always check up on them. You want deeply to talk, but you know that won't work. This is the person you used to tell everything, and now you never talk. You miss being close, and it hurts everytime you see them. You want the best for them. You used to be besties and now you're nothing except acquaintances. You will always love them, no matter what.
Chloe- "I miss being best friends with Sophie"
Lucy- " what are you guys now?"
Chloe- "I guess we're ex-best friends."
by westonkouryismydad March 17, 2019
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