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An ex-best friend is someone who you used to talk to about anything and everything . she or he would always make you smile. you would laugh together, dance together, maybe even cry together. but one day either you or your best friend made a mistake that hurt each other. now your best friend isn't your best friend anymore. An ex-best friend will probably stop talking to you, even though both of you want to heal your relationship. you will look at old photos of good times and that will make you smile but then sadness washes over you because you lost them. if you have an ex-best friend, you should talk to them and maybe you will become friends again. true friends are rare, don't cry over the loss until you have tried your hardest to fix your relationship.
i really want my ex-best friend to become my best friend again
by smileysadju March 18, 2017
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somebody who was your bestfriend at one point but then backstabbed you or started to ignore you and is no longer your bestfriend.

you usually have strong feelings of hatred or sadness toward this person.
nikki- "idk what happened with me and emily"

friend- "i thought you two were bestfriends?"

nikki- "emily started ignoring me and i guess i was replaced. i love her to death but idk what we are anymore"

friend- you're exbestfriends" :(
by nikkiisamazing13 October 08, 2010
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Ex-best friends are worse than enemies. At least your enemy cares enough to hate you.
by DarkNeko August 03, 2011
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what you call someone when they have majorly fucked up.
your best friend: well your not invited to my party anymore!
*she takes you off her top completely!*
You: yeah? well screw you EX-BEST FRIEND!
by RaveyBaby May 31, 2008
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The one person that you would die for, even cry for. But something happened. It could have been you or them. You try to break them off but that doesn’t work. You feel the guilt of breaking it off. It hurts and it will always hurt.
Human 1: Holy hell I think I made a mistake.

Human 2: Well ummm language?

Human 1: I think I have an exbestfriend.

Human 2: HOLY HELL!
by human1233 May 31, 2018
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Someone who you will always care deeply about but you are not the friends you once were. Sometimes one friend backstabs the other and all you want to do is heal your relationship, but neither of you have the guts to say anything to the other. Or you may have just drifted, they were once the person you texted every single minute, and FaceTimed every night, but then you gradually grew farther apart. The only time you talk is when you say hi to each other in the hallway, it makes you sad to see them, but you will always love them. They may have been stolen by someone else who you now hate because you miss your best friend.
“Hey do you know where Lizzie is?”

“Oh no sorry, we aren’t really close anymore.”
“What! I thought you guys were best friends!”
Nowadays we are exbestfriends”
by Lit turtle September 21, 2018
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