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Oral sex practiced on a woman either by a man or another woman. Can be applied to eating hairy twats or shaven havens.
I love rugmunching a girl with a big hairy bush! Makes me feel like the Indiana Jones of cunt lapping!
by Craig in the Hat January 30, 2011
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The stain made in your undercrackers, clothing or similar made by a follow-through or badly wiped bottom.

Similar to the Map of China, it can resemble any geographical land mass, from Africa (a big splurge with a drip) to the Philippines (an explosion of Fecal debris).

An obvious outcome (LOL!) of Dutch Coughs, Belgian sneezes and other trouser-related toilet mis-haps.
John had a dodgy curry last night and when he woke up this morning he'd made a classic shit map of India in his shorts!
by Craig in the Hat September 09, 2009
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Lesbians by another name. Those who sup from the furry cup and follow a meat-free diet.
The only decent looking women in Quebec are all lezzers! The only warm place to stick your cock is in a moose!
by Craig in the Hat January 30, 2011
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An unpleasant event, gathering or social occasion that is best avoided usually because of the people attending.
"Can I come to your place on Boxing Day? The wife's family are coming round and it'll be the usual cunts' circus!"

"I went to Bob's leaving do and it was ok until the Boss arrived. Then it just turned into a right cunts' circus so I left early"
by Craig in the Hat January 26, 2009
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A fart which causes particles of watery shit, anal mucus or diarrhea (collectively known as FECAL DEBRIS) to be expelled unexpectedly from the anus.

Similar to a Dutch Cough but with more 'body'.

A partial act of following through, usually signifying an upset tummy!
I was in my office and I needed to fart so I checked the coast was clear and let rip. Just my luck, it was a sneaky Belgian Sneeze and I spent the rest of the day with a shit-map of Africa in the back of my pants!
by Craig in the Hat September 09, 2009
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Small quantities of shit expelled from the anus often accidentally whilst performing a Belgian Sneeze or Dutch Cough (farting).

A partial act of 'following through'.

Christ! I popped a fart and filled my undercrackers with fecal debris! Luckily, they were pebbles so I shook those undies out!
by Craig in the Hat March 22, 2009
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A barrier in a company which stops men from progressing or being promoted. You need to have a pussy to get through it. A feature of sapphocracies.
Our office is totally run by bitches. You've got no chance of breaking through the pussy ceiling if you have a cock.
by Craig in the Hat January 31, 2011
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