Something beyond perfection. Coined by Twilighters to denote something inhumanly beautiful, based on the popular character in Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight.
Joe is totally Edwardian. Did you see his abs?
by bex231 September 15, 2008
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To chew through the vampirically hardened placenta of the human-vampire baby in order to remove it from the dying mother, as described in the fourth book of the all-pervasive Twilight novels.

Like a C-section, only with more vampires.
Edwardian Sections (or E-sections) are not approved of by the medical community. Only by sappy fangirls.
by Generalissimo Dee January 7, 2009
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The time after the victorian era. Some say 1900 to 1909, but i think of it as 1900 to 1918, after 1918, things started going to shit.
"Remeber back in edwardian times when prostitution was legal and we could still court a woman for marrige?" "Yeah we really lived"
by Bitchidontneedyou May 14, 2021
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While giving your partner a facial or indeed general spunking on while sat astride them, point out that "this job could benefit from some Edwardian cladding", whereupon you shit on them and grind it all over by sliding back and forth over there body, giving them a good coverage of jizz and faeces.
Thanks for the hand job pet, no need to wipe it off as I'll finish off with some Edwardian cladding.
by MoRgANaNaToR666 March 23, 2021
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