9 definitions by Cpt.Flint

To make something possible, attainable, or more likely to occur.
I am saving money to possibilize buying a new car.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
A university student who wastes class time by asking for answers to questions that only he/she doesn't understand; thus annoying the crap out of his/her classmates.
Dude, I can't believe that we're paying to listen to that askhole all friggin class.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
A term for the appearance of someone who has just risen from bed, and is bearing the marks of their pillow.
I woke late for work, and left the house still sheet faced.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
A noise made by dogs who are feeling particularly loving and happy.
My pet dog was relaxed, and narned when I was affectionate to him.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
A very basic skill that most of the contributers on UD need to learn.
I get annoyed reading entries on UD due to the poor spelling.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
A popular Chinese soup consisting of broth and noodles.
I always order scranton soup when we go out for Chinese food.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
Denotes evilness. Usually uttered by the very clever while they develop an evil plot. Often accompanied by smirks and sideways glances.
"They don't suspect a thing...MWA HA HA!!!!"
by Cpt.Flint August 25, 2005