Denotes evilness. Usually uttered by the very clever while they develop an evil plot. Often accompanied by smirks and sideways glances.
"They don't suspect a thing...MWA HA HA!!!!"
by Cpt.Flint August 25, 2005
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devilishness an evil sound when ur up to something
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
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A common supplement to a comment in internet discussion,used almost exclusively by relatively innocent females; it generally follows a particularly naughty, empowering, or triumphant moment for them in a discussion. Outside of direct discussion (i.e; in a profile, email, etc.), it often follows something entirely random that they said in what they somehow deem to be a very naughty and rebellious overhaul of common sense.
Generally, if you are a male, any use of this directed at you is a good sign; its a flirty, suggestive word choice (similar to the sound of a kiss), and when used with males it almost implies a sort of lustful blushing. It suggests that said female finds you fun, and is comfortable being playful with you.
1. tom (after losing to jen in online billiards): wow, how did that happen?
jen: i guess im just better than u at everything mwahaha

2. kelly (emailing diana): omg diana your new hat today - SOOOOOOO cute, you were better than a giant mushroom with an aluminum bat whacking a dancing hippo in court!!!!!!!!!!!
by edoggio November 5, 2005
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