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The rag used by a male to wipe or catch the sperm after masturbation.
Rob said he would send me his hank.
by cliff November 19, 2003
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n. A traditional act of charity during the Thanksgiving season, whereby you "drop off" a frozen "turkey" to some organization (like the Salavation Army), which then redistributes to the poor.
Mike’s Pharmacy has scheduled the fourth annual Turkey Drop today to benefit the Salvation Army.
by Cliff June 17, 2003
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Q: What do you get when you combine the lowest quality American carmaker (Chrysler/Mopar) with the lowest quality Japanese carmaker (Mitsubishi)? A: An over-styled, unreliable, fast-depreciating sled. Diamond Star Motors is no more. Maybe Mercedes can help Chrysler actually improve the function of their cars instead of just the garish styling.
Isn't it strange that I know at least 7 girls I went to high school with drove Mitsubishi Eclipses, but none of them lasted 100K miles? Oh, well. Some Japanese decals will add at least 150hp. Try that with a Chevy!
by Cliff September 11, 2004
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