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While I would hesitate to call Lower Merion a vanguard of cultural and economic diversity, it is an excellent high school for those not lucky enough to attend one the fine private institutions forming the lovely young adults such as my fellow linguist above. Large, wealthy, and full of activity, LM is a public high school somewhere between Newport and Chino, but 100% Main Line.

P.S. Of course, if you're ever in need of barbituates or stolen Malibu rum, you'll want to try Harriton.
I go to LM, I wear Prada, and I do Players.
by Clara April 09, 2005

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a cool but not well known clothing store.
person #1:I have these pants from rue 21
person: What?
by clara December 23, 2004

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A shoe store that sells every shoe imaginable. The best shoe store in the mall.
I bought these k-swiss shoes from journeys.
by clara December 23, 2004

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a mental institution
hes seeing crazy pigs send him to the boobyhatch.
by clara December 23, 2004

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The lines on the inside of your butthole
Dude...we all have buttspokes.
by Clara October 06, 2004

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Her name means 'Peace' and is pronounced 'Pause Law-Shawn-tain'. Her parents are both musicians. Her name means Peace. Paz has played with several dozen bands, taught at Flea's music conservatory and worked for the Sci-fi Channel.
by clara August 30, 2003

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one who drums on a big bass drum
Big Bass Drummer eats hot pockets using two hands.
by Clara September 18, 2003

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