I like u is used over text messages to show your interest in someone
Me: Hey can I talk to you
Anna: Yeah sure...
Me: I like u
Anna: ……
(Btw this is a real confession to my classmate)
by rb2t March 1, 2020
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U like sumbody but u don’t wanna get ur feelings hurt
Shiloh: I like u do u like me? Makaliah: I like u but I don’t like u . Makaliah’s TikTok user : Whoskayllaa
by ShilohSimpsforMakaliah January 8, 2022
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i am a gay pedophelic man who is also a child molester
owen said, "i just like gaslightinf u"
and to that remark, eva replied with shock, "how dare you! cancelled!"
by ilovevanessa123 May 17, 2022
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