89 definitions by Christina

Billie Joe is fucking hott!!
Billie Joe = Hot that you can't resistest~
by Christina April 22, 2005
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To liberally Inhale the contents of someones asshole.
Hey you! where you going? Come back suck my asshole! It's Clean... I promise!!!
by Christina October 16, 2003
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Whether or not a food item can in fact be cooked in the oven.

Just like the term "microwavable," except oven-style.
"Hey Uncle Al...is that TV Dinner ovenable?"
by Christina November 08, 2004
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A pejorative term typically uttered by a non Latino boyfriend when his Latina lover complains that he is not communicative. May be converted into a positive term (only by a very smart boyfriend).
Negative - You are lucky if I call you once a day you Chit Chatting Latina.

Positive - What do you mean no more blow jobs my lovely, sexy, Chit Chatting Latina?
by Christina March 14, 2005
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A court that you go to if you are a child are under the age of 18 years old .
Sue bet this bitch up so since she is 14 she has to go to juvenile court.
by christina October 07, 2004
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ridiculously awesome
That move was so yunckes, I wonder how she did that.
by Christina June 19, 2006
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as boring as sitting on the toilet with nothing to read.
me: "did you go to the golf tournament today?"
you: "yes,omigosh,it was so BANAL"
by christina November 28, 2004
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