89 definition by Christina

1.A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone
A person who speaks badly,and/or takes negative actions in attempt to create problems for a person.
2.jealous of how one looks
a group of girls were mean mugging in the club.
by Christina January 04, 2004

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southern hick
That girl is such a hoosier
by Christina August 10, 2003

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Hickville wheres theres nothing to do and the schools up here suck and all you see is stupid ass animals and farms and theres no life i hate it up here
north carroll high school sucks
by christina March 20, 2005

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Sexyist nascar racer alive.
Jeff Gordon is the sexyist man alive.
by Christina April 26, 2005

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Food stamps...many hookers have sex to get them... hence the name tramp stamps. Coupons/money provided by the goverment for the poor people to buy food.
These damn tramp stamps don't buy diapers.
by Christina September 07, 2004

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