89 definitions by Christina

A very hairy nipple that has a cheesy cream forming around it.
That chick drank New Jersey water, and now has a sheiber
by Christina March 25, 2005
a mother who beats their child for no reason.
mommie dearset hit her daughter with a pot when she didn't say thank you.
by Christina October 8, 2004
a fake... phoney wannabe gangsta that dotn got tha ryde dont got tha girls dont got tha ice and dont live in tha real hood ...they think they know street but they dont
B-rad from malibus most wnated is a striaght up wanksta ! and wigger!
by Christina September 11, 2003
Used in the place of "coincidence".
The people who use this word are asswipes. If you hear anyone say it, get rid of them in any way possible, preferrably one that involves intense pain.
girl: "Oh my god! We're both wearing the same jacket! What a koink-dink!"
awesome person: "Asswipe." (they then proceed to strangle her with her own jacket.)
by Christina July 18, 2004
verb: As used by the Amount Boyz and anyone in their crew, the time to have sex or f*ck
Yo son, That bitch had the MEAN luda.. BLAZE TIMEEEEEEE!!!!!
by Christina December 17, 2003
meaning the woman's private area. It is more powerful and pretty then vagina, which sounds like a disease.
(insert name) is sucha slut...her excelcius is so loose a whale coud fuck her and he woudnt be able to cum
by Christina January 15, 2004