(of an already-dominant person) To submit to a more dominant person in a relationship, most commonly used in the context of a person becoming a malewife to support their girlboss.
"I saw this pretty girl at school today. She's super tall and hot, I'd absolutely clownfish for her."
by Pspspsps (x4) December 15, 2021
Someone who is a joke, or silly.
Tim is a clownfish for overusing 'clownfish'.
by dec0de July 17, 2006
A stupid female who lacks self-esteem,pride, and respect.
Ole girl is such a clownfish. She gave her baby daddy money to pay his cell phone, but her dumbass got to use the pay phone down the block.
by DeeNice June 13, 2008
clownfish are small saltwater fish that live in anemones.their colors are white and orange and sometimes blackish.they need lots of care.
these are awesome fish.clownfish=cool.
by jtmario February 26, 2012
Clownfishing: (Clownfished) When a man gets tricked or catfished by a woman wearing so much makeup that she looks nothing like her real face. Literally wearing as much makeup as a clown.
I thought I met the perfect girl last night, but after she came out of the shower this morning I realized I've been clownfished.
by KingMultiGenre June 4, 2021
A species of fish that you will look at and scream "Nemo!"
Me: Look! That's Nemo!
Friend: You idiot! That's a clownfish!
Me: Duh...same thing. Nemo is a clownfish.
by Rifs March 27, 2019
If someone clownfishes you, it means you send someone a message, and they ignore it but still use their account.

Dude 1: Yo, did that girl reply to you?
Dude 2: No she didn’t but she changed her profile picture and replied to people on there!
Dude 1: So she clownfished you? That’s rough!
by Naitexi July 25, 2021