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When you avoid a troll's trollish act (or taking it deep) and countering it by successfully trolling him/her back. This action is hard to pull off.
Student: *sitting in classroom with a female teacher and other students*

*The female teacher starts reminiscing about her past*
Teacher: "Back in my day my friends used to call me shortstuff cuz I'm short."

Student's troll comment: "I wonder how long ago that was?"

*Whole classroom laughs*

Teacher's countertroll comment: "I don't know, why don't you ask your father?"

Classroom: You just got countertrolled!
by Chris's_Zen May 05, 2013
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A counter-troll is someone versed in the art of disarming an online troll, usually by out-witting, out-exasperating, or purposefully failing to be antagonized by the troll's actions.

These actions are different from feeding the troll as the latter involves giving the troll ammunition and sating its hunger for chaos and bedlam, whereas counter-trolling involves responding to the troll in a manner that leaves him/her with nowhere to go in terms of antagonistic actions, and will likely deter him/her from further trolling.

Note: Counter-Trolling must be done very carefully, as a desperate troll won't understand what's going on and resort to general pandemonium, resulting in combustion, turning the troll into a flamer.
TROLL: Counter-trolls are gay.
TROLL: That means you like it up the ass.
TROLL: That means you have a boyfriend you faggot.
TROLL: ...
TROLL: Fuck you.
*TROLL has signed off*
COUNTER-TROLL: Awesome, now I can wrap up my activity here in peace and quiet, go home, and sleep with my wife.
by KnaveryAbounds March 11, 2011
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to troll a troll that trolled a troll who trolled a troll
random guy : i herd u liek mudkipz
troll1 : i no liek mudkipz, mudkipz r n00b
troll2: i liek swampertz
troll3 : noes swampertz r trollish
troll4: tr00lllls cannot squirt water u idiot
troll5: fuck you they use hydro pump not squirt water you idiot go rot in hell pig!@#$!%!@fucker
troll4: you got trolled retard
troll5: you got countertrolled troll!
by master of trolls October 26, 2010
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The light blue blog on wordpress, the blogspot presence, InsaneJournal and the tumblr blog is known for investigative reporting and effectively countering Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandom Wank as An Eye In Shadows is the art of the trolling techniques that I was known for in chatrooms such as the handle-sharing prank in Both these blogs whamline twitter tweets as they're both rigged to twitter. The two blogs in combination invoke heated twitter wars where combination of the r-word, guinea, and other nasty insults get tossed in retorts. Jenna Jameson is noted for this on twitter in recent years. The trolls that I had to deal with stemmed from LJDrama, SomethingAwful, Fandom Wank, and the libtard shit stabbers who lurked on shocklines, HorrorWorld, Fangoria, and DreadCentral. Joseph Locke decided to troll me on Shoggoth in the mid-era of the website as I took a hard swipe at him getting paid for whacking off on the Buffyverse and a coded swipe from a contributor on Robert Bloch's Psychos where I don't mention his name in the book but the page count where his story runs and ends. When he realized I was talking about him and noted he was getting paid for killing it on fanfiction novels he was pissed. (Look up kill on a prison slang website and you will see the term.)
TwilightSucks board, "We seen a thread from a VampireFreaks user from a cult that this one is also a part of as she invoked a well public fight between him and the board as he came in as his controversial house pen name that took a swipe at Black Death Books owner for pirating his five year plan in print."

The others , "Son of a bitch -- he fucking blogged about us as he was mocking us playing the game of counter-troll. Turns out he wrote the book on the subject as he has a fierce reputation of getting into it with Encyclopedia Dramatica."

TwilghtSucks is known for Gosh Darn Dang It To Heck filtering of strong language so the double homicide taunts as Mars Defden became the subject of notorious writer of the collective nightmare to writers of Slash fanfiction. He knew where to hit with the insults without coming off as anti-Semitic.

He almost pulled out "Blood on the Water" taunt as that became the rally for the small press publishers to beatdown David Boyer. He wasn't going to go to a lawyer to sic him he was ready to take a road trip to Boyer's House drag him out into the street then do a Cabrini Green style beatdown. Someone who was in his circle noted the early era chase and label grab of the thug in Sept. of 1995.
by ilinoishorrorman May 03, 2018
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