An unorganized boxing match that usually happens on the streets or in a schoolyard. A fist fight is strictly throwing punches, unlike most street fights. If the participants start grappling and whatnot, then it is more of a brawl.
The teacher and student started fist fighting, but it eventually turned into a brawl.
by The Phone Booth April 25, 2004
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to furiously masturbate
That is so lonely, I heard he spent all weekend fist fighting with himself.
by darwin February 28, 2005
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1. something that has gotten way less common in schools due to the increased amount of distaste people have for physical violence
2. The process in which 2 people fight each other (only fists) in order to gain popularity, a personal item they have, defend oneself, or to release testosterone
3. What causes a bunch of people to start filming and yell "Worldstar"
person 1: Dude, why u gotta hit out of my juul dude (pushes person 2)
person 2: I needed a hit nibba, u know that my juul ran out a few days ago
person 1: IDGAF, I don't want u using my juul (pushes person 2)
person 2: (throws punch)
(fist fight breaks out)
by Dubiks April 13, 2019
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I can't believe Hilary and Sarah actually hooked up. I bet it was a real fist fight. hate fuck lesbian prolapse
by Doc Bliss March 26, 2015
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Abduction, torture, and dismemberment of a individual. Coined after Saudi Arabian officials reported that Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a fist fight in Oct. 2018. At the time, Saudi Arabia had produced no location of his body, and could not explain the presence of an forensics expert and a bone saw.
Fat Tony: I want Homer taken care of. I want him captured. I want him to suffer the physical manifestation of my pain. And I want him never to be found.
Louie: you want me to get in a Saudi Fist Fight with Homer?
Fat Tony: Is that a problem?
Louie: No never. Do you want me to get 14 accomplices too?
by InsideMind October 23, 2018
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A gun fight, usually with hand guns
Yeah, these 4 guys tried it on with me, so I whipped out my 9 and made that shit a Venezuelan fist fight
by Marquito del Muerte August 18, 2011
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While engaged in sexual intercourse, the female twist and squeezes the scrotum when, at the same time, the male flicks and pinches the clitoritis.
I'm so sore from last night's Mississippi Fist Fight.
So have you tried this 'Mississippi Fist Fight' yet? the shit will leave you aching for days.
by ZAK O February 22, 2010
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