A predominantly black suburb of Washington D.C, located in Prince George's County Maryland. It's located right outside the beltway and is just a stone throw away from some of the worst areas in the county I.E District Heights, Suitland, Seat Pleasent. Largo however is a decent place to live, most of it's residents are comfortably middle class, and it has one of the best parks in the entire state of Maryland, Watkins Park. The sopping in Largo is nothing to write home about just generic shopping centers such as Kettering Shopping center and Largo town center. Boulevard at the Cap center would be nice if it wasn't 30% vacant and invaded by thugs who ride the metro out of south east D.C. Woodmore town center isn't too far away. Largo is also home to Prince George's community College main campus. The neighborhoods in Largo general get richer and newer the further south you go
Yo I'm repping P.G county down here in Largo
by Stealthfox94 January 13, 2015
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L33T Member of CE, known very well. Complete nutter, will overclock anything! Even overclocked his Laptop!
Jordan: Hey Robb!
Largo: WTF?
Jordan: Sorry, Largo :P
by Largo March 28, 2005
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aka larghetto. a speck on the map between clearwater and st.pete. Most boring place in the state- even the tourists avoid it. no parties, no mall, but only about twenty minutes away from either. Not a bad place to live, if you dont mind having anyhting stolen that isnt nailed down. Crappy place to visit. Not even a real ghetto, it's just craptastic. lots of trailer parks full of smelly old people. good thing about living there is you can always get somewhere else pretty quickly.
"So why are you going to this hgigh school?"
"it was that or larghetto high."
"oh.. so you live in largo?? you poor thing!"
by sweetsilver July 11, 2008
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one who believes they are superior and above all rules and regulations due to the thought that they are too smart to get caught or in trouble. These thoughts are nonetheless delusional and the person happens to get in trouble anyways disregarding the consequences or not having to deal with said consequences cause he/she is lucky or have their parents handle it for them. Continues this erratic,arrogant,and stupid behavior and one one day will get caught and suffer severe consequences. This person pretty much harbors a false sense of invinceability.
John: "Fuck the law ima do what I want cause im Smart enough to get away with it"

*gets ticket*

John: Fuck that cop I'm above him. *Speeds away at same speed he got the ticket for*

Steve: "Bro your being such a Largo"
by GoBears1 April 22, 2011
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A super clingy bitch that will obsessively stalk anyone that says hi to her.
Oh my God, do you see that Largo in the bushes outside of HF's room? How creepy...
by All of Geneseo February 14, 2006
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1) Italian musical term meaning 'slow'

2) Alias of Rodney Caston, co-creator of the Megatokyo online manga/webcomic and formerly the story guy. Has since departed and left the story and art entirely to Fred 'Piro' Gallagher

3) Name of a Megatokyo character who, despite his eccentric, often delusionary behaviour, mild alcoholism and obsession with gaming, repeatedly proves himself the most perceptive and intelligent character in the Megatokyo universe...in his own way.

"Prep4r3 for p4ntless ninj4 fury!"

"I am GREAT TEACHER LARGO!!! Ph33r my l33t t34ching sk1llz!"

"Cannot you feel the hidden threat? My l33t senses never tingle wrong."

"Wow, this place is fast! My b33r is h33r!"

"You should have seen it. People running, on fire. What was once a city was now a sea of flames."
by tq February 27, 2005
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1) Master of l33t in the Megatokyo world

2) Anyone capable of fluently speaking l33t, drinking large quantities of beer without passing out, and with a fanatical hatred of zombies.
by CaptainLeila May 9, 2003
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