1. a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater)
2. When the blood flows through the vessels at a greater than normal force. High blood pressure strains the heart; harms the arteries; and increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney problems.
John suffered from hypertension.
by valoem December 10, 2004
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Hypertension is a long-term health condition whereby the blood pressure in the arteries is constantly elevated. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood within blood vessels and is measured in ‘millimetres of mercury’ (mmHg) using two numbers; for example, 120/80mmHg.

According to the NHS, more than one in four adults in the UK have high blood pressure but many won’t even realise it. The only way to find out is by having your blood pressure checked.

Noticeable symptoms of hypertension are rare as the only time someone will notice symptoms of hypertension will be when their blood pressure reaches dangerously high levels. This is known as hypertensive crisis and the symptoms for this include severe headaches and anxiety, chest pain and an irregular heartbeat.

Hypertension puts lots of strain on blood vessels, the heart and other vital organs such as the kidneys. Having high blood pressure increases the risk of the following serious, and potentially life-threatening medical conditions:

Heart Disease.
Heart Attacks.
Kidney Disease.
Vascular dementia.
Heart Failure.
Ways of treating and managing hypertension include:

Watching your diet – Avoid foods high in saturated fat and sugar. Replace them with fruits and vegetables.
Leading an active lifestyle – Begin adding more exercise to your day. Start by walking regularly and then move onto jogging if you can.
by beny325893276 June 17, 2019
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A common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high after online fight
Amanda suffered from Cyber Hypertension after her boyfriend broke up with her.
by Wolf- Nick Adams January 9, 2010
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