Alternative spelling of "women". Preferred by rabid psycho-feminists because it eliminates the "men" aspect. The singular of this word is "womon".

Also see "wofem".
"Jacqui was struck by a bolt of schadenfreude as she and the other wimmin read their copies of 'The Efemcipated English Handbook' by Bina Goldfield."
by KHD November 22, 2003
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women, females, booby carriers, skanks, hoochies, hoochie mommas, tail, poontang, bitches, beeyotches, beehotches, beeyitches
"I luvs da wimmin."
by MC Lucidious Mo'nashiss April 19, 2003
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An alternative spelling of women favored by sailors and other such men who are womanizers, sorry, wimminizers.
Rum, wimmin, and the sea.
by The Defìner May 4, 2023
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