A sci-fi genre that incorporates cybernetic implants, computer hacking and high technology, usually pitting independent hackers against mega corporations and though police. Seminal early works include the novel Neuromancer (Gibson), and Shadowrun (a role playing game). This culture heavily influenced later works, such as Matrix, and a wide range of books, role playing games, and movies.
The cyberpunk culture of the 80s has had a huge impact on modern films and literature.
by BigEeek December 23, 2012
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1. High tech, low life.

2. The future is here. It's everything we wanted and nothing we needed.
Today is yesterday's cyberpunk dystopia.
by Flumberbug March 22, 2019
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a literary genre that has nothing to do with the Matrix, being cool, or anime. it's a subgenre of sci-fi in which there is strong sense of helplessness, misery, dystopic ideals and loss of morality and/or humanity. corporations control the lives of their workers and reside in microcosms dictated by the status quo
blade runner, dark city and (to some extent) judge dredd & johnny mneumonic are examples of the genre.
by Jessica Williams April 29, 2005
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a sub genre of sci-fi usualy whith deep philosophical stments about the nature of freedom and reality. cyberpunk is usualy set in a de - humanised and futuristic society. the protagonist is usualy paranoid or suspicous about society , and usualy gets it right. loads of famous books, films , and comic can be considered cyberpunk, the film "i robot" , and "the matrix" are both cyber punk, even the famous book "1984" can be considered cyber punk , because it is set in a futuristic and de humanised seciety, (admitedly , its original intent was to mimic soviet russia, but it can still be considered cyber punk, loosly)
cyberpunk is not a shalow genre , although many cyberpunk movies are shalow , whith no realy philosophical questions. they are the minority
by seeing-blind September 10, 2005
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One who sees the truth about the world, even when the rest of society chooses to ignore the fact that the government is a corporation, we are constantly being monitored by cameras, and we are rapidly loosing what little freedom we had to begin with.
See: The Patriot Act
A cyberpunk's mantra:
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean I've got it wrong.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
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1. A citizen of cyberspace
2. A citizen of cyberspace who wears mirrorshades indoors, at night.
He might be a geek, but he might also be a cyberpunk.
by konholio February 14, 2005
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To cyberpunk something means to delay a task several times. This origins of this verb are found in the video game Cyberpunk, which was repeatedly delayed and ultimately released in a buggy state.
Man, he really cyberpunked that report - three weeks late, and it was still full of mistakes!
by poetry in motion December 19, 2020
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