45 definition by Carly

Mt. Dew keeps me alive
by Carly August 01, 2003

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When your dying of thirst
I need a drink, i'm dying of thristation!
by Carly February 25, 2004

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Similar to a cardboard box, a refrigerator box is a sturdy, six-sided rectangular storage facility made from recycled materials. A refrigerator box stores a refrigerator, but can also serve as an instrument of shelter for those lacking a viable housing option.
Because Carly's roommates were unable to decide on a suitable house to rent in the fall, Carly went dumpster digging at her local large appliance vendor to find a refrigerator box in which to habitate.
by Carly July 28, 2004

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A novel of the legends of King Arthur written by T.H. White. The movie, created by Disney, is the best movie ever.
Hey man, have you heard of that kick ass movie The Sword in the Stone?
by carly December 15, 2004

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ROG- Random Oriental Guy
Don't tell me you're going to hookup with that ROG!
by Carly December 01, 2004

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A Shelele is an early italian word meaning Bitch.

It all started when Shelele Espiotelli ate all the pasta at a banquet and children went home with hunger in their bellies...and sadness in their heart.

Please note: This is for the most extreme cases.

Also encompasses whore, slut, and cunt.
"OMG....I'm totally about to have a 'BF'" "::gasp:: GET AWAY! She's about to turn into a Shelele!!!!"
by Carly October 26, 2004

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You think that your half black, spanish and retarded...great combo ehh?
"Shockey your such a fuckin respiggertard."
by Carly April 25, 2005

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