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poor man's porn.
Oh man that victoria's secret magazine is nice as hell!
by carly January 05, 2004

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Another term for getting head.
if this girl doesn't give me brians 2nite im dropin her.
by carly January 26, 2003

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Someone who follows the Seattle Grunge movement in ALL it's forms, not just fucking Nirvana (get a deal, examples: Hole, L-7, Pearl Jam, Babes In Toyland (although more Riot Grrrl), Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, PAW, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, yes, and a million more I THANK YOU).

A "grunger" is also an expression for a person who follows this music and not the actual dress of the listener, although in the late 1980's they were associated with flannels and thrift store clothing due to lack of money (most teenagers are often broke because they insist on doing things their own way rather than sapping their daddy's credit cards for the latest football strips and Nike trainers. Get a deal you fucking townies and don't try to define what you'll never understand.
NOT just Kurt Cobain
by Carly August 07, 2003

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an extremely hot Irish actor
"dude, I just saw 28 Days Later starring Cillian Murphy!"
by carly February 12, 2005

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Backstabber- Some one that you have grown to be really close friends with, but then they go and go behind your back and betray you.
Rebecca-she has always liked my boyfriend, Kevin. But she never tried 2 break us up. Then one day she tells me that he told this random girl to come over here sit on his lap and give him a b.j. Then she said that they were holdong hands. But I have talked to him and some of my friends and his friends that were there at that time, and that was a freakin lie. SO REBECCA, IF YOU ARE THERE, YOU ARE NO LONGER MY BEST FRIEND OR MY SISTER, YOU ARE A LYING WHORE, YOU HO! GO ROT IN HELL YOU STUPID BITCH. and just to let everyone know, me and kevin are still togather!
by Carly February 28, 2005

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to do summat without caring... to go on a mad one.
i fu*ked him raggo
by Carly April 18, 2004

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man, your ideas have been so like conor lately
by Carly November 05, 2003

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