It's Lancastrian and possibly more specifically Prestonian dialect/slang. It's means mate/pal/boss/marra/compadre
"Oreet cha?! Hows thee doin'?"
"What you up to cha?"
"I'm well pissed up me cha"
by Pish and Phlipflop December 28, 2017
To show annoyance or frustration at a specified event or person, usually put onto the end of an aforementioned sentence, used as a verbal alternative to a sigh
that boy needs to learn some manners...cha
by Treatz June 6, 2003
A term of endearment towards another person, originates from the Cajun French dialect.
by Luke Real Simple October 18, 2013
Cha is a word indigenous people say instead of "wack"
Girl One: Karen cancelled the party that was supposed to be this weekend.
Girl two: Cha
by Finnpage June 23, 2019
Lil sneaky gremlin

Often seen in mythology as a Oreo thief. A Cha will usually steal the Oreos at 1 am.
“A Cha took me oreos!l
by BBBBBITCHBOY January 31, 2021
An indefinable characteristic belonging to an individual who is arrogant yet not self-aware enough to know that he/she has no business being that arrogant. Often accompanied with the further lack of self awareness that he/she is being such an obnoxious, cocky asshole.

A pitiful narcissism.
Kanye West is the epitome of Cha.
by joeballs February 13, 2012