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A novel of the legends of King Arthur written by T.H. White. The movie, created by Disney, is the best movie ever.
Hey man, have you heard of that kick ass movie The Sword in the Stone?
by Carly December 15, 2004
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1. the softest part of the human body, right under the lip.
2. a sad face, in which the lower lip is stuck out, in an adorable fashion
*coined by Tara*
Someone is sad and they make a puppy dog face...you say, "Don't you schooch me!"
by Carly March 4, 2003
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Who would bother with this?? It is so lame.
Scottules is a lamer with to much time on his hands.
by Carly September 23, 2003
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Similar to sex kitten just the male version. Can be used to discribe anyone who is hot.
by Carly March 25, 2005
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When people are gettin it on!
OMG they're sexin!!!
by Carly November 27, 2004
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