45 definition by Carly

when sumfing is good! when ur pleased with sumfing! As in "great!"
Heres a present...........
"Ah bae marie!"
by carly November 26, 2004

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A friendly greeting... how are things going with you?
Yo, Kevin, what's really good in the hood?
by Carly November 04, 2003

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huh? what? hey?
most often used with a question mark attached
so earwigs are actually the 19th wonder of the world, if you count unbreakable plastic

by carly October 16, 2003

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1)the act of doing something profound to someone

2)similar to cool

3)similiar to not so cool

4) a term made up by some looser in saskatoon, saskatchewan

2) that was shwank

3)that was shwank

4) that was shwank
by carly February 11, 2004

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someone who is sexi such as my boyfriend!!!
austin is so sexiful
by carly April 09, 2005

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The chillest kid around...a.k.a. Carly Berg....
cberg 4 lifee
by Carly February 04, 2004

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goonish, being silly
omg i feel so plebish
by carly November 30, 2003

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