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1. A short film trailer (shorter than a full length trailer shown in movie theatres and in the beginning of VHS tapes and DVDs).

Teasers trailers are used on TV, where the length of time is far too limited to run a full 2-3 minute trailer.

2. One who leads one on (sexually) but perennialy holds short of having sex.

3. Any small taste of something, usually aimed at selling something.

4. one who teases.
That bitch is such a teaser.
by Captain Neatoman October 28, 2004

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1. Steyer Scout, a short (19") barreled sniper rifle, generally fires a 7.62x51mm "NATO" round. Released in 1998 in Las Vegas NV gun show, made in Austria by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co.

2. The above mentioned gun in Counter-Strike, used by more experienced players and considered to be a rite of passage for snipers.
I got scouted again! I wish I could scout people!
by Captain Neatoman October 18, 2004

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1. Any political issue that holds little or no importance intended to sway voters, usually by fear.

2. A manufactured resistance to an issue, related to astroturfing.

3. A scapegoat.
"Them demon-crats gonna take away all R guns!"

"That's a strawman issue, Cletus."
by Captain Neatoman October 17, 2004

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In sound parlance, any device that allows a performer to hear themselves. Also applies to most all forms of non end user playback.

On stage, the monitors are usually wedge shaped speakers that point toward the performers. They are mixed to provide the sound that is not present on stage, usually vocals, keyboards, and other non amped instruments, although they often reinforce such instruments.

Larger concerts will have a monitor mixer and engineer that is off to the side of the stage with a special multiple bus console which is fed via a stage splitter. Smaller concerts use the auxiliary buses on the main console.

In studio, the monitors are both for performer and producer, the latter often using speakers called studio monitors and the former commonly using headphones. These allow both parties to hear the mix and, most importantly, allow the performer to hear themselves. The studio monitor speakers are used to mix down the performance, and to monitor the performer.

Common types are Stage Monitors, Studio Monitors, In-Ear Monitors, and Isolation Headphones.
"I need more vocal in the monitor"
"The monitors are feeding back!"
by Captain NeatoMan March 16, 2006

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Maestro "Echoplex"

A tape delay unit released in 1960.

Uses two heads on a loop of tape, one head to record, one head to play back. The two signals are mixed, and the resulting effect is an echo.

Mainly used as a guitar effect.
This vintage Echoplex is worth $1,000 or more
by Captain Neatoman October 28, 2004

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A Heckler & Koch G-3, or PSG-1 semi-automatic rifle outfitted with a powerful scope and a 20-30 round magazine used in the computer game "Counter Strike: Source".

See also AWP.
Damn, that guy is l337 with that autonoober!
by Captain Neatoman October 18, 2004

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1. Grass cut into small squares and sold at nurserys. Commonly used to lay grass where no grass exists and growing grass would be difficult.

2. A manufactured grassroots movement in which a small group fakes their numbers to gain attention.
"That astroturf will blend in nice"

"In 2003, a group of letters from "soldiers" in Iraq were printed in newspapers across the country, which touted the successes of the war. Every letter was exactly the same, except the "soldiers'" names. This was an attempt to counter grassroots movements with astroturf."
by Captain Neatoman October 17, 2004

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