having to do with something that originates from the common people
The chairman organized a grassroots movement to boycott Wal-mart.
by Light Joker November 30, 2006
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local or person-to-person. A typical grassroots effort might include a door-to-door education and survey campaign. Includes political, educational, artistic, and especially collegiate movements involving the common people as constituting a fundamental politico-economic group
My friends and I started a grassroots campaign to oust the oligarchal university board of trustees.
by medaeval December 26, 2003
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meaning "of the people, for the people" originally used and abused by hippies.
and the word became unanimous with any and all political movements in the USA.
since it's inception it has became the best example of Semantic satiation as the word has lost all meaning due to the frequency of use.
"we must start a grassroots movement to show the government we mean business." -some hippy
"this business is so grassroots." -some starbucks hipster
"the band started as a grassroots, then eventually became the funk rock band it is today." -some nonsense magazine
by thatcrazyguyoverthere February 20, 2014
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1. The groundwork or source of something.
2. 311's second studio album, recorded in 1994, and widely regarded as 311's finest album.
1. "We should really get back down to the grassroots."
2. "I listened to grassroots today and am still overwhelmed by it's awesomeness!"
by VoLcOm21 September 9, 2006
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The hairs located just outside the anus.
It is hard to wipe your butt and get all the fecal matter out of the grassroots.
by dustbuster_00 December 11, 2010
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The guy who wrote the other entry and his friends sure are a buncha crazy grassroots assholes. I mean, come on. Oligarchal?
by Guess August 6, 2004
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