An online FPS game that originated from Counter Strike (CS). Counter Strike: Source (CSS) is mainly a graphical update of the original with a new radar, buy menu, and a few maps thrown in. Many criticize the game for being "easier" due to vital spots on players made bigger though the game is still challenging and fun. The game is often looked down upon due to the steadily growing number of prepubecent boys with microphones and hackers. Only a fraction of the number of total players of the original CS, play CSS. Because of the smallish number of players, hacking and cheating isn't as bad of a problem on CSS as it is on CS. Its still recommended that you play with the microphone mute option enabled.

*NOTE* Playing CSS may lead to a broken computer or possibly an early death.
A typical Counter Strike: Source match

Player 1: HEADSHOT!
12 year old with microphne: Pphhhhptptpt!
Player 2: StfU NoOB
Player 3: Player 1 u fukIn haker!
12 year old with microphone: Ssssspspspspspszzzzzeertk!
Player 1: HEADSHOT!
Player 2: god dam stFU you fukinNo0b! GaY! FAG!
Player 1: HEADSHOT!
Player 3: HAKR!
Player 1: HEADSHOT!
12 year old with microphone: Kpstkpstkpstfffffeeerrrpt!
Player 4 Entered the Game
Player 3: PlAYur 1 iz a H4k0R!
Player 1: HEADSHOT!
12 year old with a microphone: Kephpphertzt! Pt! Pzphphsert!
Player 2: GAY! fAg quEER! Ill kILL yuor mothr! STfU N0ob!11!
Player 4 Left the Game
by I left CSS for WoW March 31, 2007
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A remake, using the Source graphics engine, of the highly popular game Counter Strike. The game is very controversial amongst gamers because hardcore players of the original Counter Strike refuse to acknowledge it because of the changes the development team made such as bigger hitboxes, lower powered weapons and the dirty AWP scope..
"Oh no, not another Counter Strike vs Counter Strike Source thread"
by Jaketehl33t July 21, 2006
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The newest Counter-Strike version that came with Half-Life 2.

Improved graphics, and physics.
Dude, wanna play some CS?
Nah, im stickin' it to CSS.
by n00b March 19, 2005
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The more fun and graphically better version of the popular "Terrorist vs. Counter-Terrorist" online FPS Counter-Strike or CS.This newer version utilizes the Half-life 2 engine with physics and better graphics.The older version will probably stop being updated and this newer one will be seeing new maps and other better cool features.
Go and buy it and find out what its like
by Gary strang April 7, 2005
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A completly new game engine to the original sierra engine. Better grahpics, physics, and all new bump maping. All weapons remained the same, and some argue weather the game play is better, worse or the same.
Counter strike Source is better! Worse! Who Cares!!! ITS FUN!
by sam mcneil October 6, 2006
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counter-strike: source is the latest version of counter-strike to this day. Instead of the mod being based off half-life engine, it is based off the half-life 2 engine. (the source engine) hints the name. it has way better graphics then 1.6 and down with the same game play. VAC 2 should get rid of the hackers which will make the game even better.
admin deals with hacker:
Here comes the slap to the slay to the ban,
That haxor, you shoulda seen how he ran.
"Oh please admin, gimme one more chance!"
"Shut the fuck up and get up and dance!"
by amish-dq March 14, 2005
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