A knuckleheaded computer user that is often referred to in software agreements as the "end user".

The End User is often a idiot who knows nothing about computers beyond the fact that it makes porn and free music readily available.
NetAdmin: OMG, did you see that damn end user using his cd-rom tray as a drink holder.

NetAdmin2: yes, it was a disturbing site.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
A perosn who is a moron with computers. also buys his or her tech supplys from big box stores, and the apple store. Person who pays for media that the internet has for free.
I'm proud my credit card is linked to my tunes and the apple store cause im a freaking dumb end user.
I just bought another sex box from a retail store cause im a moron end user.
by slappersam July 3, 2012
An ignorant & dissonant state of human existence, where the individual has little knowledge, experience or desire to learn about objective reality or the magnitude of weight the immutable laws of the universe have on everything in existence. Those individuals subject to EUS have their existence completely and unknowingly governed and programmed by socially contrived parameters of “reality”, which in turn render them helpless to navigate “life” in any other state than being an “end user” of products, methods, services created by those employing objective reality. (STEM)
A ubiquitous example is computer technology which has and rendered the world reliant on these devices. Accolades, status, credibility, and power are regularly given to those who simply “use” the devices to document self-jocking, mediocre and un-innovative behavior, which caters only to emotions aligned with the subjectively fabricated parameters of “reality”. This completely overshadows and discounts the tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding which goes into the ideation, creation and production of the devices. This example extends back to mining and refining the materials from the earth, or even further back to how the elements were initially formed. The same can be said about every consumer good in existence. The end user only knows how to Acquire and CONSUME. This is analogous to a monkey picking a banana from a tree and having no knowledge of its origin or subsequent fate once ingested.
End user syndrome ignorance most often times causes the subject to assign hokus-pokery causality to objective reality and natural phenomenon, such as "religion" and "supernatural occurrence".

Some ends users are even touted as “experts” yet are oblivious to anything outside the scope of their parameters of use.

End user syndrome has resulted in an pandemic unparalleled by any other preventable and controllable condition, objective or subjective, in documented history.

Hey Tony, the entire middle of the bell curve has End User Syndrome. It's certainly lonely at the right side of that curve.
by Kirkury October 23, 2020
End users that have been without dedicated IT support for too long, in an environment that is more complicated than the average end user can be expected to troubleshoot. This situation is why you have people photocopying monitor screens, or everyone in a dept. using the same email password(bonus points if it includes "1234" or "password".
That office is a write-off - Full of Feral End Users, as their IT admin quit 2 years ago. It would be cheaper to rip it all out and start from scratch.
by 2x1z November 13, 2017