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When you do the absolute minimum to congratulate someone on a job well done —no gift, no card, no phone call, no personal interaction — just a text.
Me: Karen just graduated from med school, we should send something.
Spouse: Nah. We don't really talk to her that much. A congratutext should be fine.
by CO_jcd August 25, 2017
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v., In design, to continue exploring and versioning a series of bad decisions so that the longer the final product is worked on, the worse it becomes.

n., shiteration.

adj., shiterative
"Charlie can shiterate twenty more rounds of revisions with the client, but by initially selecting Papyrus as the primary typeface for the logo, it's always going to suck."
by CO_jcd January 18, 2018
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A real, tangible friend, that you hang with and go out for beers with, as opposed to a virtual online friend like that person you never talked to in high school that you now comment back and forth on social networks like Facebook.
I'm sick of sitting on Facebook for 4 hours a night and commenting on peoples' semi-witty status updates. I need to get some more bricks-and-mortar friends and get out of the house.
by CO_jcd July 15, 2011
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The 20 mins of sleep needed at lunchtime to make up for the 6am departure to get to the mountain to get first tracks in the fresh powder.
After I eat some lunch, I need a powder nap or my afternoon will be trashed.
by CO_jcd March 30, 2011
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v., To retouch an image with the most minimal set of software skills and no artistic sensibilities. Results in an unconvincing composite image that has been very obviously retouched.

n., photoplop
Brenda made a regular habit of photoplopping the same terribly-masked-out image of her head into the background of every one of our group photos posted on social media.
by CO_jcd January 18, 2018
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When someone thinks they are being overly fashionably cool with the latest tech and fashion, when in fact they are being a douche with a bigger price tag.
That guy filming his son's soccer game using the new iPad is looking trés douche!

Having matching socks and laptop cover is trés douche.
by CO_jcd March 9, 2011
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A User Experience designer that is completely inflexible and unwilling to compromise or consider another solution that is not theirs.
We told him that his concept of having the chair levitate was physically impossible, but Chad is such a UXDiva that he insisted that was the *only* possible solution.
by CO_jcd May 2, 2019
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