n. The fictitious time somewhere around 11-1 where food may not actually be consumed, but traditionally considered the time of consumption.
Jeff: Let's hang out after lunchtime.
Scott: Sounds great! So are we going to eat during lunchtime or after?
by chongabagel December 21, 2014
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The time to get out of the clasroom and do some bad shit and funny shit.Usally we takle cunts, start fights with silly fuckers, piss teachers off and just destroy shit.It is the time to be bad and do what you want.Should be called badtime.
Shaun:Oi fellers i dnt like the look of that cunt lets bash him.
Rest of us:Yeah alrite lets get him
by Darren Thomson April 29, 2005
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Name for a person who buys lunch for eveyone to seem cool. Usually a teenager who likes to buy and do stuff for older people to impress them.
"I am so hungrey lets call Lunchtime so he can order us a pizza."
by Big Frost November 3, 2004
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Someone who has sex with their partner while on their lunch break from work.
"Why is Nichola always late back from her lunch?"
"She's a lunchtime shagger, that's why."
by Craig September 14, 2004
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When you get a fresh jar of mayonnaise, open it up, mix it up with your dick, and then you proceed to put it in a females ass. Afterwards, you wipe up the excess mayo with a piece of bread, add all your sandwich fixins and enjoy!
Im going to go catch a lunchtime special with Suzie today.
by Pooprick25 May 26, 2017
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The chick you often have lunch with at school. And nope, she's not into you. She just happens to be stuck in the same class as you do.
Barney: I have like 5 lunchtime girlfriends.
Kim: Wtf? Are they blind?
Barney: No they have the same ENG101 as me and the class is off at 12:30. I tried asking them out on weekends, they just told me to f*** off.
by frigiddd September 30, 2016
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When you’re in your prime, absolutely thriving, using your time to the best of your ability
Tj and Caitlin were going on roller coasters together.

Caitlin: “this is my lunchtime
Tj: “same”
by Tjaitlin July 8, 2019
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