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to withdraw from any enterprise or venture that appears to be on a downturn, while you yourself still can keep any personal gains.
-from the poker (or similiar betting game involving playing cards) term, where one takes their remaining chips, representing the amount of money they have left, and trades them in for their value in cash.
"at the rate your shares in the company are going, as your financial advisor, I would seriously suggest you consider cashing in your chips. Sell them off while they are still worth something!"
by Bungalow Bill October 13, 2005
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an expression which means that a particular matter has been taken care of.
"Hey, did you finalize the purchase of the estate yet?"

"Yep, the title now officially belongs to me.....signed, sealed, and delivered!"
by Bungalow Bill September 04, 2006
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the occurrence of a bodily emission below the waist when one's underwear and/or pants are still being worn, involving either unine or semen.
"I tried to get to the bathroom as fast as I could when I had to take that leak but no dice...spillage in the village, just outside the door!"

"That hot stripper gave me such an awesome lap dance that the inevitable spillage in the village happened before the song was even over!"
by Bungalow Bill February 02, 2008
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one who can only handle small amounts of various drugs
1 hit and I'm gone. I'm such a lightweight.
by Bungalow Bill November 26, 2001
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monetary earnings, profits etc. resulting from any enterprise or venture.
the nightclub's take from this past weekend wasn't as high as expected, so the management suspected a little skimming was going on.
by bungalow bill November 04, 2005
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v. to see.
I viddy how it is. You don't love me anymore.
by Bungalow Bill December 21, 2001
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being in a situation of having a promising, though not as-of-yet confirmed, opportunity
(used mostly with reference to a job or related well-paid position in a company)
"you should drop your resume off to the dept. head, least that way you could still get your foot in the door for the next time they look for someone."
by bungalow bill August 12, 2005
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