The thing that Donald Trump has done in protecting Americans from the coronavirus, which Americans are suffering from at a higher rate than any country on earth.
"We've done a great job, we've done fantastic" Trump said, hours before testing positive for coronavirus.
by Monkey's Dad October 2, 2020
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A phrase used on one of the funniest shows anywhere, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! It can be used either when somebody truly does a "great job!", or if they fail it can be used in the same way, as sarcasm. it must be said calmly, without enthusiasm, while giving the thumbs with only one hand
Example one: "Dude, you just beat guitar hero on expert! Great job!" *thumbs up*

Example two: "Dude, you just totally crashed on your skateboard! Great job!" *Thumbs up*
by Travis Lull August 6, 2008
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If anybody managed to get up off their asses and do something today, I congratulate you. You're not a lazy fuck
Great Job
by Malware. January 11, 2019
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1) When someone is doing the exact opposite of a great job. Typically used when an employee demonstrates substandard performance.

2) A terrible job
JOEY: You are doing a great job Kris!
KRIS: Thanks ?
by KJJ317 November 14, 2019
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Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job is one of thee funniest comedy/sketch show's ever!

Air's on Cartoon Network/AdultSwim.

Starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.
Karen: Anything good on t.v?
Jenny: Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job is on now.
Karen: What the heck is that?
Jenny: Only one of thee funniest shows on television ever!
Karen: ok, what channel?
Jenny: Cartoon Network / Adultswim.

Karen: Heck yes! this show is incredibly awesome!
by Johnny Davison February 16, 2010
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