Ante Meridian From Latin, "Before Midday." A.M. opposed to PM, Post Meridian or after midday.
by jp February 4, 2004
“he caught an AM styll

“he in the pen for an AM”
by T4256 April 5, 2020
Amplitude Modulation

a way of applying information (voice or music) to a radio signal, beaten by SSB and then FM.

also: the old broadcast band from 530 to 1710 kHz.
"nobody listens to AM anymore"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 12, 2003
After Midnight.

The 22nd Century, non-Latin version of that very late, or early time of day.
-Omg, It's 1:35 in the AM? does that stand for After Midnight?

-No it doesnt but it might as well mean that. It means antes media something. It means before noon in Latin.

It's 2 in the AM. Nothing good ever happens in the AM.
by KaliWalle October 28, 2010
AM stands for Asian man aka pedophile aka man who cums in underaged kids because he can’t get any girls aka man who cry’s about anything because how much of a sensitive little bicth he his aka man who cums in cats aka man who blows up inocent white kids in terriost attacks across Europe
by Scottishboi12346 July 27, 2022
Short for Amazing. AM is the equivalent to awesome, legit, cool, Koolio, swag, etc. The correct way to pronounced it is A.M. like on a clock.

Alli: Do you like Starbucks?
Tori: Ya! That's AM

Josh: Hey have you ever been to the place down the road.
Jake: Ya. It's AM
by TheGreatWhite February 11, 2015
I will see you in the AM for our brisk morning jog.
by Bungalow Bill March 19, 2002