13 definitions by Bug

a fun game where you get to kill people, you can piss on things to, basically violent, perverted, and racist. i love it!
there is a cheat in postal 2 where you can turn citizens into osama.
by Bug January 2, 2004
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prevet, droog(not drug).
"hello friend"
by Bug January 3, 2004
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suffix added to a phrase to lessen the stupidty of it.
Bush knows what he's doing... or something.
by Bug August 27, 2003
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Suffix attached to the name of a friend or family member.
"Check out the hat that Bobbypants is wearing!"
by Bug March 15, 2003
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man, i have an assload of reading for history tonight.
by Bug August 31, 2003
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do u have AIM (aol instant messenger) if u do why not I.M. me
by Bug March 9, 2004
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